While the Finance Committee oversees the financial and other property affairs of the Parish we encourage others to assist them in their work.

The following activities support the liturgical, faith development and reaching out activities of the Parish in one way or another.

Church Cleaning

to ensure the church is clean and a worthy place in which to worship God as a parish family.

This is a good way to meet fellow parishioners and or to make a contribution to the parish in a low key way.

We have a roster of parishioners who volunteer to clean the church during the year. Teams of one or two people are rostered on approximately twice a year to clean the inside of the church. This includes tidying, vacuuming, dusting and general cleaning and takes about one hour. Cleaning is carried out once a week usually on a Saturday morning or Friday afternoon in preparation for the weekend Sunday Masses.

Parish Archives

to preserve the historical information and items of the past to provide a rich treasure of information for future parishioners

Our Lady of the Valleys Parish was inaugurated on 1st February 2014 on the coming together of St Francis Xavier Parish in Stokes Valley and Our Lady of Grace Parish in Heretaunga.

Both of these parishes have proud histories dating back to 1951 for Our Lady of Grace Parish and 1969 for St Francis Xavier Parish. During these years the Parishes have maintained records of the sacraments conferred on parishioners as well records of funerals and other historical documents. Our Lady of the Valleys Parish now holds all these records and is adding to them as the life of the Parish continues and activities and sacraments continue to be celebrated.

The Sacramental Register Archives are being been computerised, to allow for easy access to past and present records. It is hoped that this will facilitate quick responses to requests are received from all over New Zealand, and from overseas regarding information about family and Parish history.

Planned Giving Gifting Programme

to promote co-ordinate and administer the financial contributions of the members of our Parish family.

All organisations require resources to undertake their mission and our Parish family is no different. Members of the Parish help in a variety of ways, in prayer, time and funds. The Planned Giving Programme in the Parish is the vehicle whereby parishioners contribute financially to the work of the parish.

Parishioners promise to give a regular amount to enable budgeting to be done for various works and needs of the Parish. Each giver has a number and all money collected is recorded for tax purposes. A proportion of donations are refundable from the Government each year.

If you would like to contribute to the life of the Parish in this way please contact the Parish Office.

Rental of Parish Facilities

The Parish facilities are sometimes available, at the discretion of the Resource Committee, for hire by groups within the members of the parish, by individuals within the Parish, and outside organizations. The Parish reserves the right to restrict usage of the facilities where the usage might result in public scandal for the Parish.