Committees provide leadership in their various areas of expertise and in this way help to fulfil the mission of Jesus Christ in the area as expressed in our Parish.

Parish Council

to provide leadership and direction to the Parish’s efforts to live out the mission of Jesus Christ in the community and therefore the world

Our Parish strives to operate under a collaborative style of organization. This recognizes that all members have a part to play in the effective pastoral and administrative functioning of the parish.

The Parish Council operates in conjunction with the Parish Priest in overseeing the pastoral affairs of the parish. It seeks to ensure that the parish always works to promote the mission of Jesus Christ in the world.

It does this by:

  • undertaking, in line with our Mission Statement, future planning over the next year and beyond, to provide direction to all levels of parish activities. Ensure the plan is carried out and the results evaluated
  • providing co-ordination, support and encouragement among the various committees and groups operating in the Parish
  • providing a forum for parishioner’s concerns and views to be aired and generation of an appropriate response
  • The Parish Council co-operates with the Finance and Liturgy Committees to promote specific aspects of parish life.

Liturgy Committee

to ensure the worthily celebration of the mission of Jesus Christ in the parish and therefore in the world

Liturgy is a very important part of our parish life as effective, prayerful, uplifting and spiritually satisfying liturgies are a integral part of our faith community.

The Liturgy Committee oversees the planning, design, and implementation of liturgies within the Parish. It is comprised of representatives from a wide range of ministries that play a part in the liturgical life of the Parish, as well as other who have an interest in the liturgical matters.

Specific areas of responsibility include:

  • taking responsibility for the planning of regular Sunday liturgical celebrations, organised on a roster basis
  • highlighting and celebrating major liturgical feasts and special occasions in an appropriate manner
  • encouraging parishioners to take part in the various liturgical ministries and associated groups
  • overseeing adequate preparation and on-going training and formation of the various ministers

The Committee operates its planning on a 3-monthly horizon so that liturgies can be as creative as possible while allowing time for prayerful reflection and contemplation in their design. The committee welcomes new ideas and we are always looking for people to become involved in ministries.

Finance Committee

to resource the mission of Jesus Christ in the Parish and therefore in the world

The Finance Committee assists the Parish Priest in his responsibility for the temporal affairs of the Church’s mission. It comprises the Parish Priest and at least two others chosen from the Parish.

The Resource Committee works to ensure that there are adequate resources to:

  • support the pastoral work of the Parish and Archdiocese
  • support the clergy
  • maintain the temporal goods of the Parish.
  • maintain proper books of account and report to the Parish as and when required, but not less than once per year at the parish Annual General Meeting
  • organise and maintain the Parish Planned Giving programme
  • negotiate and review any employment contracts with Parish staff.