We, the Catholic community of Our Lady of the Valleys Parish resolve to

  • praise God and love our neighbours in liturgy and in fellowship, justice and peace, drawing on the richness of our multicultural parish and greater Pastoral Area
  • we aim to work together to enhance our spiritual, evangelical and community growth
  • be a community under the guidance of the Holy Spirit who gather to celebrate our faith, to grow in the love of God and to reach out to those in need

We seek to achieve this by:

  • deepening our spiritual lives
  • being an all-embracing, warm and welcoming community
  • reaching out to all who suffer
  • seeking social justice
  • encouraging young people to participate in our parish life
  • educating in faith – at all levels
  • supporting the mission of our Catholic schools
  • developing lay leadership

We ask Christ’s blessing on this continuing journey as we constantly explore ways and means by which to enhance the effectiveness and implementation of the challenging mission set before us.

We ask that Christ bless this exciting journey.