Our Lady of the Valleys Parish is part of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Wellington. Our parish is a mixture of suburban and rural lifestyles centred around the suburbs of Heretaunga/Trentham and Stokes Valley.

The parish covers suburbs in both Lower and Upper Hutt Cities To the south it borders the Parish of Te Awakairangi in Lower Hutt and its community centred around St Michael’s Church in Taita. In the north the parish shares a boundary with St Joseph’s Parish in Upper Hutt. The eastern boundary is shared with the Catholic Parish of the Wairarapa while to the west the parish extends towards Our Lady of Kapiti Parish.

While there has been a Catholic presence the area since earliest times, Our Lady of the Valleys Parish was established as a result of the merger of the two existing parishes – Our Lady of Grace Parish in Heretaunga (established in 1951) and St Francis Xavier Parish in Stokes Valley (established in 1962).

Our Lady of the Valleys Parish is part of the Upper Hutt Pastoral Area comprising ourselves and St Joseph’s Parish in Upper Hutt.

Nowadays, our parish is a conglomerate of many peoples from different cultures, backgrounds and nationalities. Under Christ our Saviour and through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit we strive to be united in faith and good works.

We are helped in all this through the organisations and ministries listed in this booklet. Many people give willingly and lovingly of their time, talent and love. You may be one of them. If not, you may consider becoming one of the many.

Keep this booklet close to you. It will help you and aid you to help others. Let us always pray for one another. With God’s blessing and every good wish.

Yours respectfully in Christ,

Father Tony Kearns

Parish Priest