Our Parish does not exist or work in isolation from other organisations both inside the Catholic Church and outside.

We work collaboratively, supporting and being supported by groups of people and organisations in a wide variety of fields in our endeavour to bring the compassion and love of God to the people of the northern part of the Upper Hutt Valley and wider areas.

Some of the affiliated organisations that we work with are listed below:

Archdiocese of Wellington

we, the Catholic people of the Archdiocese of Wellington, challenged to follow Christ are called to proclaim the Kingdom of God by:

  • celebrating God’s love in our lives
  • sharing our living faith,
  • growing in community and
  • working for justice and peace

Our Parish is part of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Wellington. The Archdiocese extends from Levin and Masterton in the North Island south to Kaikoura and Westport on the South Island.

The present Archbishop is Cardinal John Dew DD who is the chief shepherd of the approximately 86,000 Catholic who live in the diocese that spans the Cook Strait. Cardinal Dew was installed as the leader of the Archdiocese on 21st March 2005 and elevated to Cardinal by Pope Francis on 14th February 2015.

Archdiocesan Centre Wellington

As part of the Archdiocese of Wellington our Parish is supported by the Archdiocesan Offices and support systems available through the Archdiocesan Centre in Wellington.

This Centre houses the Wellington Archdiocesan Administrative Offices as well as diocesan run organisations and support agencies. Support and advice is available from various vicariates established by the Archbishop. Vicariates have been setup for the following areas: Family and Young Church, Parish Leadership, Maori, School Support, Catholic Social Services. Departments are also set up for the Office of the General Manager and for Finance.

22-30 Hill Street, 
(04) 496 1777

P O Box 1937, 

Catholic Social Services

Catholic Social Services is the professional social agency of the Catholic Church. It strives to make a positive contribution to the lives of many people every year, helping them to improve the quality of their lives and meet their needs and requirements. The Service is interdenominational.

The Service provides counselling for individuals, groups, schools and families, as well as some practical assistance to elderly through a vegetable delivery service to the elderly in the Wellington area.

152 Brougham Street, 
(04) 385 8642
P O Box 9408, 

Daughters of Our Lady of Compassion (DOLC)

Suzanne Aubert founded the Daughters of Our Lady of Compassion, commonly known as the Sisters of Compassion. At aged 25 Suzanne accepted an invitation to become a missionary for Bishop Pompallier’s Auckland diocese.

In 1883 Suzanne with the support of the Bishop of Wellington, Bishop Redwood, and by invitation of the Maori from the Wanganui River area, Suzanne left Hawke’s Bay for Jerusalem in Wanganui, to revive the Catholic mission.

It’s here that the home-grown Catholic congregation – Daughters of Our Lady of Compassion – was born and in 1892 Archbishop Redwood appointed Suzanne as Mother Superior of the newly established Daughters of Our Lady of Compassion.

During her tour, Suzanne had become acutely aware of the challenges faced by poor and unmarried mothers and their babies. So Suzanne set her sights on Wellington, arriving unannounced in the city in 1899 with two Sisters. The Sisters immediately started work with Wellington’s suffering and destitute planning a much-needed home. They set up a soup kitchen (that still operates today) and a crèche for children of working parents. Land was bought in Island Bay and, in 1907, the Home of Compassion was opened.

In 1911 Pope Benedict XV granted the Decree of Praise to the Daughters of Our Lady of Compassion.

On 1 October 1926 at the age of 91, Suzanne died in the presence of her Sisters. Almost a century later, the Spirit of Suzanne Aubert lives on through the Sisters of Compassion. Her work in establishing our Mission is an extraordinary and inspiring story of faith, love, humanity and, of course, compassion. It’s why they are still here today.

The Sisters established a Home of Compassion in Silverstream in 1933 providing care for those in need. The Home continues today providing retirement and rest home accommodation for the elderly. (See separate article under Home of Compassion in Silverstream)

Website www.compassion.org.nz

Dove Women’s Fellowship

Mission to help Catholic women experience the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives to bring about change both in themselves, in the parish and in the world

Dove Fellowship began in New Zealand in 1984 and has been established in a number of parishes in New Zealand.

The group has as its vision Catholic women from all walks of life bonding together in the power of the Holy Spirit to affect a force for good in the nation, and becoming instrumental in building up family and parish life, providing effective support for one another.

The primary focus of Dove Fellowship is on leading women to a personal and ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ.

For more information see www.dove.org.nz

Hibernian Catholic Benefit Society

The society provides for mutual assistance of members offering a wide range of financial benefits and services.

The Hibernian Catholic Benefit Society’s core business is providing benefit funds and assistance to its members. The Hibernians achieve this through a wide range of financial benefits and services available to all ages.

Along with these benefits and services the Society has a simple philosophy – Catholics helping Catholics.

Established in 1869 the Hibernians is the only national Catholic organisation offering mortgages and loan facilities to its members. The Society is registered as a friendly society with membership open to Catholics and non-Catholic spouses of Catholics. Membership is currently 3,200 in 22 branches in New Zealand

Contact www.hibernian.org.nz

Joshua Catholic Men’s Fellowship

This is a national organisation of men under the authority of the NZ Catholic Bishops.

It promotes the ideals of Catholic men reading out to God, their households, church, community and workplaces, with a zeal that reflects Christ’s presence in their lives.

The fellowship gives glory to Jesus, coming together monthly for meetings of fellowship, praise and worship, teaching and reading the Word of God.

Knights of the Southern Cross

The Knights of the Southern Cross is a society of Catholic men supporting bishops, priests and laity in promoting Christian values and spiritual growth in a spirit of fraternity in our nation.

The days of the men of the Parish physically building a parish church by means of working-bees are long since gone. Now the main role for men is to work in and for the Church by evangelizing and good works. To do both well means that men should have a strong faith and a proper understanding of the teachings of the Church. Our monthly meetings do, in a small way, help us in both areas.

For more information on the movement www.ksca.org.au

Northern Hutt Pastoral Area

Loved by the Father, empowered by the Spirit, we will work together to fulfil the mission of Jesus Christ in the Northern Hutt Valley and therefore in the world.

In 2003 the Archdiocese of Wellington was organised into 15 pastoral areas. This was to provide a future direction and structure to the future pastoral ministry of Catholic parishes. Our Lady of the Valleys Parish was associated with St Joseph’s Parish Upper Hutt as the Northern Hutt Valley Pastoral Area.

Sunday Mass times in this parish are:

St Joseph’s Parish, Upper Hutt
1 Pine Avenue, Upper Hutt
Phone (04) 528 2028

Sunday Eucharist Times
Saturday (Vigil) 6:00 pm
Sunday 9:00 am and 10:30 am

Sacred Heart College, Lower Hutt

Sacred Heart College provides a Catholic education which encourages each student to aim for excellence and to pursue her full potential.

Sacred Heart College is a Catholic Integrated Girls College in Lower Hutt, New Zealand, providing secondary education from Year 9 to Year 13.

Sacred Heart College holds traditional values where excellence is pursued and celebrated within a caring and Christian atmosphere.

Sacred Heart College holds high expectations on academic success and also offers a wide range of sporting and cultural opportunities.

Contact (04) 566 1089
Email college@sacredheartcollege.school.nz
Webpage www.sacredheartcollege.school.nz
Address 65 Laing Road, Lower Hutt

St Bernard’s College, Lower Hutt

The College’s intent is to supply a good education in an environment generated by Gospel values to pupils whose parents choose a Catholic education for their children.

St Bernard’s College is located in the centre of Lower Hutt, 20 minutes from Wellington, New Zealand’s capital city. It serves the Catholic community across the Hutt Valley and Wellington area. The maximum roll has grown and is 660 pupils. It is an ideal size. It allows the College to provide a full and varied range of subjects and activities. The college roll is small enough to ensure a caring, safe and personalised environment. Our priority is to create a school which challenges each student to reach his potential spiritually, academically and socially. We promote self discipline and respect for others. Old Boys from St Bernard’s College have become leading figures in our community.

Contact (04) 560 9250
Email office@sbc.school.nz
Webpage www.sbc.school.nz
Address 183 Waterloo Road, Lower Hutt

St Joseph’s Home of Compassion, Silverstream

To provide a place of compassionate care the elderly respecting their dignity and personhood based on the ideals of Mother Suzanne Aubert, the founder of the religious congregation of the Daughters of Our Lady of Compassion.

The St Joseph’s Home of Compassion is located in Silverstream to provide a place for elderly to live their latter years with dignity, security and care. A complex of care buildings was first erected on the site in 1933. The current complex of facilities houses about 100 residents.

For more information on the congregation of Daughters of our Lady of Compassion their article, or visit their website: www.compassion.org.nz

St Michael’s School, Taita

To educate and develop the whole child in a supportive and caring, Catholic environment to become confident, connected, actively involved and life long learners

St Michael’s Catholic School in Taita is small faith-based school and pride ourselves on our special Character. St Michael’s School was founded in 1952 by The Presentation Nuns who emigrated from Ireland to service the Taita and Naenae areas.

We are a decile 2 school and have a wide range of cultures that we believe help enrich our children’s lives. We believe communication between families and the school is key to our children’s success and have an open door policy, should parents need the opportunity to discuss their child’s learning.

Contact (04) 567 1514
Email office@stmichaels.school.nz
Webpage www.stmichaels.school.nz
Address 3 Cooper Street Taita

St Patrick’s College, Silverstream

St Patrick’s College, Silverstream is a boys’ school of excellence, founded on Catholic and Marist values and traditions where students develop knowledge, skills, attitudes and values which enable them to become compassionate, just and successful citizens. Our students are challenged and motivated to achieve personal excellence in an innovative learning environment enhanced by tradition, superb facilities, quality teaching and a supportive College community.

St Patrick’s College Silverstream was originally founded by Archbishop Francis Redwood SM in 1885 being constructed on a site in Cambridge Terrace, Wellington. It was one of the first fruits of the Society of Mary (Marist Priests) whose members played such a prominent part in the establishment of the Catholic faith in New Zealand and was staffed by Irish Marists.

With an expanding roll consideration was given to move the whole College out to land acquired in the Hutt Valley. In 1931 the boarding section of St Pat’s was transferred to Silverstream where the Marists established a new College with many of the original St Patrick’s traditions and culture coming through to the valley.

This decision gave rise to St Pat’s Town and St Pat’s Silverstream, the two St Patrick’s Colleges linked by their common name, history, and the many competitive and co-operative events in which they participate.

Contact (04) 939 4224
Email info@stream.school.nz
Webpage www.stream.school.nz
Address 207 Fergusson Drive, Silverstream, Upper Hutt

St Vincent de Paul Society

See listing under Reach out and Care Activities

Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (PBVM)

we are called to follow Christ in the spirit of Nano Nagle, bringing the good news to the poor by promoting God’s kingdom of truth and goodness, justice, love and peace.

The Presentation Sisters, also known as the Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary are a religious institute of Roman Catholic women founded in Cork, Ireland, by Nano (Honoria) Nagle in 1775.

The Sisters are located in 24 countries around the world including New Zealand, helping people worldwide, mainly the poor and needy.

In the past, the Sisters dedicated their time to creating schools that would help to educate young people, especially young ladies. Most of these schools are still in operation and can be found worldwide.

In December 1950 five sisters arrived in Taita, Lower Hutt. These were the first Presentation sisters to work in New Zealand. The challenge was great and the sisters responded with enthusiasm. Taita was at the time, a newly built up area in the expanding city of Lower Hutt. The Sisters maintain a convent in Stokes Valley.

See website: www.presentationsistersunion.org

Society of Mary

Marist fathers and brothers are members of the Society of Mary, a “religious congregation” in the Catholic Church.

Marists model their lives on the person of Mary, the mother of Jesus and seek to, as it were ‘be’ Mary and do her work.

In New Zealand, Marists focus their ministry on youth and education; have a preference for missionary parishes, and ministry outreach into wider society; beyond traditional Church structures. In all their ministries members of the Society of Mary remember the original call to mission among the Tangata Whenua. Marists live in community which provides a supportive environment for their lives and ministries.

The Marist Order established St Patrick’s College in Silverstream in 1931 when St Patrick’s College in Cambridge Terrace (established in 1885) acquired land to move the entire college to the site. This decision gave rise to St Pat’s Town and St Pat’s Silverstream, two colleges linked by a common name, common history.

The Marist priests maintained a community at the College until 2000 when the priests physically left to take up changing apostolates for the Marist Society. Though the priests may have left the College their spirit lives on.

A Marist community of retired priests is situated at the Home of Compassion in Silverstream where they provide to the Home pastoral care and celebrate Mass for the whole community.

See website www.sm.org.nz