‘Do this in memory of me.’
Luke 22:19

Ordination (Holy Orders) is the sacrament by which God marks out men chosen to be priests in the Church. Through Ordination the mission entrusted by Jesus to his Apostles continues to be exercised in the Church to the end of time. This holy Vocation provides the Church with priests for the faithful.

By the grace of ordination a man is configured to represent Christ in a special way, to lead God’s people in prayer and service and to provide for the sacramental life of parishes and the wider Church. The priest does this in three principle ways:

He teaches – the priests’ first duty is the proclamation of the gospel of God to all.
He makes holy – priests unite their people to God by the administration of the sacraments, especially the celebration of the Eucharist.
He governs – imitating Christ; priests lead those in their care to a deeper understanding of their own vocation and so build up a true Christian community.

The parish follows the Archdiocesan programme for people interested in the priestly or religious life. If you are interested please call Father Alan the Archdiocesan Vocation Director of the Vocations person for the religious congregation that you are interested in.

There are special preparation programmes for men seeking to become priests.

For more details about becoming a priest contact the local presbytery or the Diocesan Vocations Director (C/- Box 1937 Wellington)

For more information about Holy Cross Seminary (the National Seminary) in Auckland